A little history wink

The glovers perfumers corporation comes from the tannery handycraft who used heady perfumes to mask the nauseous smells of the tanned leathers.

This practice begins at the Renaissance until the 18 th century and allows to the glovers of France to be qualified by Louis XIII in 1614, as well main glovers as perfumers. So the corporation got the monopoly of the distribution of perfumes to the detriment of the apothecaries, distillers, general storekeepers and chemists.

LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE does not become again perfumer glover but becomes perfumer clother, a new association of complementary activities as the colors can be complementary. The fragrances and the fabrics are closely dependent since the "grands couturiers" associated their name with the most beautifull perfumes of the history of perfumes.

In its small shop full of memories, LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE proposes a great choice of fabrics and original sewing accessories:
Crape et taffeta, gabardine et flannel, chambray et calico, velvet and damask, vichy et liberty, madras et métis, lace, muslin et organza…

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