Solide perfume

CaillouxThe solid perfumes or stones are made with vegetable base, essential oils, natural resins and aromatic raw materials.
Stones are proposed in box of 80 grs, bulk by KG or inside brass and weathered diffusers.

- SECRET, CŒUR, BOUTON in brown patina
- BOULE ou POMME, JOLI CŒUR in brass and silver
- MOUCHARABIEH in white patina

To wear as a grigri, a lucky charm (it does not stain clothes, it does not grease hands). Put in the small places in the house or heated in a perfume-burner, an original manner to perfume the house.


Grey amber floats at the surface of oceans, nearby Madagascar, India and China. It is a cachalot secretion. As it is recently expeled, its color is dark and his smell nauseating. Under the action of the see water and the sun, amber takes a paler tint, from silver grey to gold yellow, its smell improves, it becomes refined, lightly animalkind, iodized, especially delicious and typical. Grey amber is being dried for two or three years before it is used. Its use in luxury perfume brings tenacity and an incomparable volume. Grey amber is a mythical product whose origin stayed a mystery for the longest time, leaving opened the fields of imagination.

Les cailloux d'ambre



    Amber stone is a vegetal reinvention of grey amber, mythic perfume, large and warm.

  • Ambre et lavande

    Ambre et lavande

    Amber and lavender


    Opoponax amber built with vegetal amber, vanilla, oriental flowers.
    Full, smooth, opulent, imperial!



    Amber sovereign of Rajasthan and more particulary of RANI, queen or MAHARANI, great queen, wife of MAHARAJAH.
    Precious amber, deep and heady, symbol of past splendor.
    MAHARANI AMBER has the elegance of rose and patchouli depth.
  • Ambre immortel

    Ambre immortel

    C'est l'association de l'AMBRE mythique et de la fleur d'IMMORTELLE qui évoque la nature ensoleillée qui borde le Méditerranée, aux effluves chaudes, sensuelles, salées, délicatement épicées.

  • Ambre de Zanzibar

    Ambre de Zanzibar

    Ambre évocateur des comptoirs aux épices. Mélange d'AMBRE mythique, de clous de girofle, de poivres et de fleurs exotiques aux couleurs de l'ylang-ylang.



    Intense amber with oak moss, animal touch like the perfume bottle of our grand-mothers.

Les cailloux de bois précieux

  • Cedar


    The cedar is an holy tree, symbol of the beginning of the humanity.
    Its smell is both dry and soft, green and nicely resined, typical of paper pencil smell.

  • Fir balsam

    Fir balsam

    The Fir balsam is a big conifer from the north America forests.
    The special smell of its needles is soft, woody and sugared.

  • Patchouli


    The patchouli bush grows in the fertile slopes of Indonesian volcanoes. Three times a year, the peasants cut the branches of this small bush which are then distilled. The essential oil of patchouli leaves has the scent of a wood, strong, deep. It is from the earth that patchouli takes its strength. It has the scent of humid, damp and mossy note. In the composition of perfume, patchouli diffuses its depth of fragrance, enveloping, radiant and sensuel.

Les cristaux de fleurs précieuses

  • Rose of may

    Rose of may

    Stones with generous fragrance of ROSE OF MAY

  • Jasmin


    Stones with voluptuous fragrance of JASMIN
  • Orange blossom

    Orange blossom

    Stones with precious fragrance of orange blossom or NEROLI 

  • Peony


    Stones with spicy fragrance of PEONY

  • 1000 flowers

    1000 flowers

    Stones of 1000 flowers with coloured fragrances of floral bouquet
  • Fleur d'osmanthus

    Fleur d'osmanthus

    It is in southern China, in the province of GUANGXI, that the osmanthus has chosen to flower. This tree can reach 20 metres in height. Its tiny flowers have astonishing fragrances of fruit, apricot, flesh and leather. Osmanthus is used in greedy and sensuel perfumes and to flawour tea and wine
  • Seringa


    Stones with esquisite fragrance of SERINGA

    The SERINGA or POETS JASMIN is the small shrub the most perfumed in LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE.
    Its intense and deep fragrance reminds you that one of the orange flower and of the honey suskle and leave for a long time, its mark in the memory of the first nights of june.
    It is also the memory symbol.

Cailloux délicieux

  • Bourbon vanilla

    Bourbon vanilla

    Star of taste and perfume, the vanilla has an exceptional aromatic richness. It takes nine months from fertilization to harvest, then nine more months to give off its aroma. The result is a magnificent harmony, enveloping and sensual of milky, caramel, amber, woody and spicy nuances.

  • Fève Tonka

    Fève Tonka

    Tonka bean is the fruit of the Brazilian Teak, it contains large amounts of coumarin, responsible for the smell of cut hay. In the Amazon, tonka bean is a lucky charm. Its scent has tones of hay, tobacco, vanilla, almond.
  • Frangipanier


    The frangipani flower is the emblem of Pacific Islands where it is used in the compsition crown and collar. Her oerfume of exotic flower is gently almondy and hot