The perfume is telling a story. He gives emotion. The job of the fragrance creator is to inspire this emotion.

The perfumes industry offers to creators an important range of vegetal and synthetic raws materials. LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE's approach is to propose blends with good raws materials and above all natural products, so rich.  His priority is to respect the security of consumer informing on allergens, often present into the natural oils, on not good products for the environment and to inform on the best manner to use perfumes.

Florence Kusnierek, perfumer, and the actors of LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE, are the artisans of the perfume.
They work in creative and simple liberty, directly with the material, they supervise the fabrications and offer safe products.

LE JARDIN DE MON GRAND-PERE, fragrances who inspire.

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